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Welcome to New Brarington, a Large state that is filled to the brim with a population of 9000000000. To bad 99% of the populus is dead, and are now walking corpses. Enjoy your stay.
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 Do this if you wanna get banned(you will get banned)

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PostSubject: Do this if you wanna get banned(you will get banned)   Tue Dec 30, 2008 9:23 pm

Ok people let me tell how the things you don't wanna do to get banned that means don't do these things!
1. No hacking the server
come on people I kno some of u out there are hackers but not allowed here, we're trying to keep a fun experience so plz keep it somewhere else =)
2. No Explicit content
No explicit content is allowed. That means no pictures of naked people, sex or your girlfriend and big sister kissing naked(go ahead and send the that to me)
3. No downloading content onto the forum(unless told to do so)
Please dont allow viruses to come into the forum. Thanks!
4. Watch The Langauge(You Sailors know what I mean)
I know there are some of us that just want to cuss our herts out, but cmon, let's keep it clean. F#@& I misspelled hearts! >.<
5. Obey The Higharchy
Obey the higharchy, that means obey the Modkages, the Modbu and the Modninjas. Even if you're told by a lower higharchy(such as a modninja) to behave you best behave.
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Hiro Heirza
Hiro Heirza

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PostSubject: Re: Do this if you wanna get banned(you will get banned)   Thu Jan 01, 2009 11:00 pm

Adding onto that This Game is Created for you the player if you have any comments on how to improve the game please me know by Pm and keep it sane. Dont tell me the the game sucks blah blah blah and all that. If you have a suggestion or Comment you better be able to back it up.Thank you.
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Do this if you wanna get banned(you will get banned)
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