Dead-Eyes (Unleashing the Zombies.)

Welcome to New Brarington, a Large state that is filled to the brim with a population of 9000000000. To bad 99% of the populus is dead, and are now walking corpses. Enjoy your stay.
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 Injury Ward

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PostSubject: Injury Ward   Sat Jan 03, 2009 7:33 pm

Medical ninja dash around the two story building, healing villagers with any type of injury, from dog bites and poisonous stings to survivors of enemy attacks and cliff falls.
A female nurse stands behind a gray marble counter, checking in villagers.

"Hello, what do you need?" she asks quickly but calmly, her eyes checking for anything in need of a heal.

Medical Bill Charges:

Academy Students-Free

Genin-150 ryo

Chunin-250 ryo

Jonin-350 ryo
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Injury Ward
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